14 Apr 2013 – Branch AGM

The following email has been sent to all members:

Dear Branch Member

If you were at the Branch Competition this Saturday evening, you’ll understand why I am feeling so excited about lifesaving in Surrey right now. Nearly a hundred competitors, plus their Instructors, Team Managers and parents, friends and family members, packed into the Woking Leisure Centre pools and had an uproarious time.

In the last year, we’ve not only converted most of our Trainer/Assessors to Survive and Save Instructors, but we’ve trained many new ones, brought into our fold a number of school PE teachers and swimming teachers. Several of our clubs are at capacity, and one has had a waiting list for over 6 months. We have recently started a new dedicated Sport section open to anyone in Surrey which meets most Friday evenings. Over last summer, we ran two still-water weekends and one beach weekend, which not only enabled many to take their very first specialist Survive and Save awards, but also allowed several Instructors to qualify to run courses in open water.

The Society has been encouraging Branches to make sure that more younger people are involved in their running – so we created a dedicated Youth Committee which has met a number of times and has been closely involved in organising several of the activities this year. Add to this all our usual awards, NRASTC training for swimming teachers, and so on, and you can see it’s been a busy time.

This year, 2013, is promising to be even more so. We’ve produced an annual planner to help you see what’s on and we hope this will encourage even more people to take part. We have three beach weekends planned and a couple of still water ones, there’s our competition, and then there’s even more opportunities through the SE Region of which we are a member.

By now you will have received a couple of emails from us about the Branch AGM which is being held at Woking Leisure Centre on Sunday 14th April from 2 to 5pm. A member of the RLSS HQ staff will be attending and running a workshop looking at the future of the Branch, answering any remaining questions you have about Survive and Save and about the Society generally. This will be followed by the AGM itself.

No one really doubts the benefits of lifesaving to the community. It is an excellent means of building fitness, encourages leadership qualities among young people, and imparts skills that can literally save a life – what’s more it is accessible to people of all ages. It would be great if even more people could benefit.

These things take effort though and the burden falls on too few shoulders. We desperately need more volunteers who are prepared to take on something to help us grow. This can range from organising an aspect of one of our events – such as the accommodation for the beach weekends or a prize draw at the Branch Competition – to longer terms roles, such as managing our web-presence or setting up a new club. (There are parts of the county where it is almost unbelievable that there isn’t one already.)

Whatever your interest, and whether you want to be more involved or not, I really hope that you will come along to the AGM, learn more, help stimulate the Branch, and share in celebrating another great year.

If you feel you’re interested in doing something, even if you’re not entirely sure what, then PLEASE give me a call and let’s see what ‘s possible.

With best wishes

Dr Graham Wilson
Branch Chair
07785 222380