29-30 June 2013 – Survive and Save Beach Weekend – Eastbourne

This weekend there will be a focused two days on the Beach element of the RLSS Survive and Save Programme. This will be the third year of our collaboration with Eastbourne Volunteer Lifeguard Club.

We anticipate that this will include a range of activities: teaching, training, assessments and possibly more.

Further details will be posted shortly, but please put these dates in your diary now. The plan is for this to be a camping based weekend, with parents and siblings accompanying members for the whole weekend.

NB In the past, some trainers have simply arrived and expected their candidates to be assessed immediately without any training in this environment. This is NOT in the spirit of the new programme which focuses on PRACTICE and the development of skills and confidence. PLEASE expect to come along and take part in two days of activity, of which the assessment may be a small part.

Any Survive and Save Instructors interested in qualifying for the Open Water endorsement, please contact Graham Wilson, as this may be arranged over the weekend.

If you are interested in attending, please let Alison Angiolini or Graham Wilson know ASAP.