RLSS UK 'Save a Baby's Life' Workshops

The Royal Life Saving Society UK’s ‘Save a Baby’s Life’ workshops aim to teach basic emergency skills to anyone who cares for a baby.

You will learn;
• Infant Life Support (CPR)
• Infant choking (diagnosis and treatment)
• Infant drowning (diagnosis and treatment)

In Surrey, we have run these events for organised groups, such as Mum’s Net, and for small private gatherings of friends and families. For large groups we do charge a small fee for the event, however, for a small gathering in your own home, we are happy to arrange a session if you will cover our expenses (and perhaps make a donation to the RLSS.

In the past, parents have gathered grandparents, baby sitters, and the occasional aunt and uncle or Godparent; alternatively, a small party of neighbours with similar age kids have got together for a pizza and practice!

If you’d like us to come along, please send an email to baby@life-saving.net, along with a telephone number, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.