RLSS UK Surrey Branch - AGM Notice 2015

Dear Member

RLSS Surrey Branch AGM Notice 2015

The AGM of Surrey Branch will be held at 6pm at the Watermill Inn, Reigate Road, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1NN, on Sunday 8 March.

Guest Speaker

We are to be joined by Katie Rabone, a trustee of Nile Swimmers, who you may have seen featured on the BBC several times recently. Nile Swimmers are carrying out some fantastic work addressing the global drowning phenomenon – the UN WHO estimate that between 400k and 1.25M children are drowning each year in low income countries and Katie will explain what their charity is doing to tackle this frightening statistic.


A few of you have noticed that there was no AGM held last year. Sadly, two of us, with responsibility for calling the meeting, suffered double bereavements in our immediate families and, despite the best intentions, dates slipped and the meeting wasn’t called. For this I apologise profoundly..

As a result, at this AGM all Executive roles are up for election. There are plenty of spaces for Branch Officers, as we never have a full contingent. Two specific roles are elected – the Chair and the Administrator (which combines Secretary and Treasurer). We therefore invite nominations for Chair, Administrator, and Branch Officers.

If anyone could help us in a specific Branch Officer role – Baby and Child Coordination, Press Relations, Awards, Lifeguarding Liaison, or Youth – then please indicate this on your nomination.Other roles, such as President, Lifesaving Coordinator and Safeguarding Officer, are by appointment of the Executive.

All existing officers have indicated their willingness to stand, though we are also all keen to have new members on the Executive. Details of the current Executive can be found on the Branch website .

If you are interested in joining us, please send an email to that effect to myself along with the name and email address of another person who will second your nomination. Nominations should be received by 6pm on Sunday 1 March to allow preparation of any election papers.

If you’d like to have an informal conversation about the roles and the potential for the Branch, or have any questions about the AGM and its processes, please call me on 07785 222380.


Drinks and light refreshments will be provided from 6pm, therefor it would be appreciated if you could confirm your attendance, again by 6pm on the 1 March.

The Branch in the Future

It has been a busy few years for the Branch and a lot has happened – more teacher development activities, more open water and beach activities, more competitors taking part. We hope this year to have our first Branch entrants in Regional and National events for a very long time.

We are also engaging more regionally in drowning prevention and infant first aid than we have done in the past. Branch members have also been active across the lifeguarding-lifesaving communities, and nationally. It’s an exciting time for the development of the Society as THE Drowning Prevention Charity. The AGM is one opportunity to chat informally and to learn much more about what is going on.

The Watermill Inn has a large area separate from the main restaurant and is a family-friendly place, so members of the Society of any age are welcome to attend.

The Branch needs your support and I very much look forward to seeing you there.

With best wishes

Graham Wilson