Branch AGM

More details will be posted here later.

The AGM will follow the Branch Teams Competition.

Among the roles to be filled this year are the Branch Chair and, carried over from last year, the Branch Lifesaving Coordinator. These offer a real opportunity to help prevent drowning and forward the cause of lifesaving across the wider area of the Surrey Branch. If you are interested in standing for either, please contact Graham Wilson for an informal conversation about what is involved.

In the past, I have been re-elected several times (don’t let that put you off – more turnover of chairs is a good thing for a Branch). This year, I am retiring from the executive committee as I reach a certain age, which is a commitment that I made when I took on the job. While I shalln’t pretend that it has not had its frustrations, I am happy that I am handing it over in a healthier condition in terms of activities, trainers, and finances, than it was when I took on the role. A lot of people are confused about the role of Chair as it often blends into an incumbent’s other RLSS activities. In the hope that this will help, I have written some notes to explain what it is and what it is not. You will find them here: