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RLSS Surrey Branch

3 weeks 2 days ago

We have a big birthday this week! Happy birthday Gail! Hope you’re enjoying all these cakes! 🎂 thanks for everything you do for the branch.

RLSS Surrey Branch

3 weeks 6 days ago

Congratulations to our competition officer who not only organised a fantastic competition this weekend but has also got ENGAGED! Congratulations Rowena Moore 💍

Branch Executive Contacts

Branch Executive Officers

President (Executive-appointment) Lucy Haines
Chair (elected) Ellie Prail & Jenn Devine 
Administrator (elected) Jacky Arnold
All other roles are co-opted or nominated
Life-Saving Coordinator vacant
ex-officio – esp technical support Alison Angiolini
Awards Officer Gail Moore
68 Chalkpit Lane, OXTED,
Surrey, RH8 0NE
Safeguarding Lucy Haines
Press Relations Officer Robert Streeter
Lifeguard Liaison Carol Jull
Competitions Rowena Moore
Outreach – Cricket Coaches Tina Marley
Outreach – SABL Carol Jull
Branch Officer – Clubs – Aquarius Charlotte Harmer, Cathy Atkins, and Kate Doyle
Branch Officer – Clubs – Dorking Jenn Devine and Ellie Prail
Branch Officer – Clubs – Tandridge Rowena Moore and Gail Moore
Branch Officer – Clubs – Woking Clive Stevens and Jacky Arnold
Branch Officer – Clubs – Yateley Pat Brewer and Rob Garrard
Branch Officer – Youth Participation vacant
Additional team member – Schools liaison Sue Webb

For general enquiries, please contact either Ellie Prail, Jenn Devine or Jacky Arnold.